The Blind Center of Nevada boasts an amazing pool of musical talent. The Blind Center’s Performing Music program helps our member musicians refine, develop, and hone music skills and perform on some of our communities’ biggest stages.


The Broken Spectacles is an Alternative/Pop Rock band comprised of Blind Center of Nevada members. This talented group of blind musicians has performed at the Hard Rock and Suncoast Hotels and Casinos, and on the TV Show Valley View Live! For booking opportunities, call Todd at 702.755.0444.


Blind Allegiance is a performing Glee Group. This musical group is made up of Blind Center musicians and is led by Gladys Knight’s Saint Unified Voices choir member, Jane Harvey. Blind Allegiance performs choral pop and is fun, enthusiastic, and uplifting. For booking opportunities, call Todd at 702.755.0444.


Beginning Music Classes are offered to developing musicians. The Blind Center offers classes in keyboard, guitar, ukulele, harp, and choir. Beginning music classes are taught by accomplished harpist, Kathy Kavanaugh.

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Phone 702.642.6000
Monday - Friday 7 AM to 5:30 PM (PST).