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The Blind Center of Nevada assists people who are blind or visually impaired in reaching their highest physical, social, intellectual, and economic potential.

To achieve these objectives we pursue three focus areas: personal development, social interaction, and provident living.

Finding Hope: Life doesn’t stop at blindness, but for many, the hopelessness runs deep. We uplift people by providing emotional rescue, a caring shelter, a welcoming community, and counseling to help members see beyond their visual impairment. Through the Blind Center of Nevada, people find a loving, social refuge—a place that understands and truly cares.

Learning Independence: Within our encouraging family environment, we help members see beyond their visual limits and learn to live an independent life. Our skills training, educational resources, and ongoing assistance all work together to ignite a can-do-spirit that defies boundaries and fuels personal growth.

Pursuing Greatness: Best of all, our center helps members visualize their true potential and work toward achieving great things. Through a wide range of programs—including music, art, fitness, education, and vocational mentorship—we help people reach goals they can be proud of. Greatness isn’t limited to those with sight. We help members achieve great things while living lives that are unbound—and unlimited.





F. Marion Keele, founder of the Blind Center of Nevada, was motivated to create a sanctuary in Las Vegas dedicated to assisting the blind when he lost his sight at the age of 38. Marion and his wife, Effie, spent time at the Utah Blind Center in Salt Lake City, where they learned to teach various crafts and skills to their blind companions. When Marion passed away in 1955, one of his students, Audrey Bascom Tait, took on Marion’s mission, and convinced the Lion’s Club to help her create a place to help the blind see beyond their limitations. Thus, the Sightless Center was born.

In the early the 2000’s the Las Vegas valley’s blind and visually impaired population was growing, and the “Sightless Center” went through a tremendous metamorphosis. The renamed “Blind Center of Nevada” brought on a community-based Board of Directors, opened an award-winning day center, began offering daily transportation, hot meals, and much more—all with the mission of helping blind individuals see beyond their limitations and discover their personal greatness.

Marion Keele

Marion Keele

Effie Keele

Effie Keele

The only thing worse thanbeing blind is having sight but no vision."

Helen Keller

Leadership Team

  • Cory Nelson

    Executive Director


  • Randy Caldwell



  • Theresa Davis

    Volunteer Supervisor and Driver


  • Todd Imholte

    Chief Development & Marketing Officer


  • Tracy Smith

    Electronic Sales and Tech Manager


Board of Directors

  • Harold Brown

    Board Member
  • Jeff Davis

    Board member
  • Jim Kegley

    Board Member
  • Lloyd Benson

    Board Chairman
  • Neal Marek

    Board Member